TRYSTAN DAVIES (Faerie: Cobweb)

Way back in 2015, a distance felt much more keenly by the dramatic upheavals of the last few years, Trystan saw Everyman’s Cardiff Open Air Theatre production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Impressed by the results, a slow-burning desire began to take hold of revisiting acting, something he’d always been fond of growing up but long since dismissed himself as capable of.

It would take another two years before Trystan would take the plunge – as a Canadian cattle rancher in Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder (Cardiff Players, 2017). Never mind putting on an accent, this would be Trystan’s first ever English language performance, his previous stints in school productions (notwithstanding a singing leprechaun in a Children in Need sixth form show), chapel services and Eisteddfods having been performed solely in Welsh (a language he would dearly like more opportunities to act in).

Miraculously, more roles followed and Trystan quickly found himself playing a host of very different characters. From a Glaswegian heroin addict in Trainspotting (Cardiff Players, 2018) to a sour, middle-child prince in The Lion in Winter (Hilltop Theatre, 2019). From a Celtic woodland father in 100 (Cardiff Players, 2019 – for which he won the Glamorgan One Act Festival, Best Individual Performance Award) to a doddery, 87 year old waiter in One Man, Two Guvnors (Hilltop Theatre, 2019 – for which he won the 2020 Glammies Moderator Award).

Joining Everyman in 2022, Trystan’s first role for the group was as bold as they come: a Lancashire teenager dying of hunger strike in Jim Cartwright’s Road. Talk about sink or swim! Now, eight years after seeing that first outdoor production, Trystan is finally in his first Festival show – and a Shakespeare one too! Not only that, Trystan now finds himself sharing the stage with some of the faces he saw in that fateful production! When he isn’t acting – something he still can’t believe has become a reality – Trystan is a keen scriptwriter, photographer and filmmaker. He is currently editing a short film, which he shot with Zoom during the pandemic and hopes to release very soon

Trystan Davies

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