CLIVE WARD (Drudge, Quince’s Assistant)

Clive’s first entry into the world of community theatre was as the Sheriff of Nottingham in an Italian Carnival in 2013. His introduction to Everyman was in summer 2022, through the Community Production of “Victoria Park through the Ages”, a promenade production written and devised entirely by community volunteers, which saw Everyman presented with the High Sheriff’s Award for community outreach and engagement. Clive played a union rep type character, in the form of a feisty Emu, who represented and led the animals of the Park Zoo, which was wonderfully received by the audiences in the park.

Clive has continued actively developing his acting abilities since then at Everyman’s weekly Clubnights, and was delighted to be offered the part of Drudge, Peta Quince’s Assistant. He has enjoyed the journey through the rehearsal process: “Drudge has important things to say,” says Clive. “I am sure you will wonder why Drudge was not one of William Shakespeare original cast members, as he reaches to bring additional humor to the performance!”

With no previous drama experience this has been a rapid journey from the 2022 Community production to this Cardiff Open Air Theatre presentation. The whole cast and team have been a delight to work with. Clive is currently working on creative writing pieces in the environmental genre and plans to publish, in the future.

Clive Ward

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