Opportunity: Set Designer

Set Designer: Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival: Everyman 2022

We are looking for an experienced and creative set designer for the Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival: Everyman 2022.

About the role

We are seeking a set designer to work with our professional directors to create a common structure that is adapted for three planned productions; Blackadder Goes Forth, Twelfth Night, and Little Shop of Horrors.

The Set Designer will be required to produce drawings and models of each set for Director and Company sign-off as defined in the festival schedule.

The Set Designer will also need to work with the nominated Set Builder, Production Manager, Costume Designer and the Stage Managers for each production in line with get-in schedules. While assistance from Everyman members can be available for each fit up and strike, the Set Designer has overall responsibility for the readiness and scenic artistic completion of each set. The Set Designer may complete the scenic artist work themselves or bring in additional resources from within their budget.

Any specifically designed props will also be the responsibility of the Set Designer to design and build, but for general props they will work with the production props teams for sourcing and hiring.

Budget: £9000 across three productions

Contract: Fixed term

Fee: £3000 plus £500 bonus for coming in on budget

Please note that we are unable to cover transport or additional costs (such as accommodation). Because of this, we particularly welcome applications from designers based in South Wales. We are open to a design team applying for the role, but the fee must be split between them.

About the Festival

Each year, the award-winning Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival attracts over 14,000 visitors a year across six weeks in the centre of Cardiff, Wales’ largest outdoor theatrical event.

We stage innovative interpretations of our productions that both challenge and entertain our audiences. We stage a Shakespeare production, musical, family show suitable for young children, and a light entertainment / comedy production each year.

The Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival began life in 1983 at our first home Dyffryn Gardens where we performed until 1995. In 1996 we moved to the Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagans and following the start of their recent re-development we found a new home, thanks to the kind assistance of Cardiff Council in 2013, Sophia Gardens, which we return to in 2022.

The festival is entirely run by volunteers from all walks of life, and works with professional directors to stage its productions.

About Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre Cardiff, Cardiff’s liveliest and most adventurous theatre company, was founded in 1942. In the 1970s Everyman was instrumental in the opening of Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Everyman Theatre is a registered charity.

Key dates

Please note that the festival dates are fixed, but other dates might shift.

Due to the nature of the festival, rehearsals take place over a couple of months two-three times a week on evenings and weekends. This will mean that the contract covers a broad time range, with more working days during the festival itself. You will also be required to attend any production meetings as requested by each creative team or by the Company. We will endeavour to take into account other commitments when organising these meetings.

December 2021: Interview and appointment

February/March 2022: Design consultation begins with directors

Mid-March 2022: White card designs

End March 2022: Final designs given to directors and Company for sign-off

April 2022: Rehearsals begin for the festival

Early May 2022: Approval of designs by directors

Festival: June/July 2022 (includes install dates) – you will be required to attend the fit up, technical and dress rehearsals together with the opening night of each production, and work with the production team at the end of each production to ensure all sets are disposed of or stored appropriately.

The festival site is located in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. While some covered space within the festival site for on-site working and storage of materials can be provided, it is limited. The majority of the site is open air and any set must be designed to withstand exposure to the elements for the period of the Festival.

Location: Cardiff

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter of no more than 2 A4 pages(outlining your experience and interest in the role) to festivalmarketing@everymantheatre.co.uk, along with between 5-8 images of your work, and/or a link to your online portfolio.

Dealdine: 12th December 2021

Selection process:

Shortlisted designers will be invited to interview with a small number of the festival team, who will also consult with the directors during the shortlisting process.