Notes from Everyman Youth's members

Alison and Olive (members since 2016)

“My first show in the Festival was A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2019. I loved playing a fairy, because it was exciting to play the polar opposite of a cliche fairy, and I was so excited to be in a production with older actors that I really looked up to. Everyman has always been a safe space for me to be myself and keeping Zoom going throughout lockdown really kept up my spirits, leading to a small open-air production of The Tempest as we came out of the first lockdown. Since then we have done multiple productions, including performing at the National Theatre last year as part of the Connections Festival. We have been involved in multiple open-air productions and every summer is a chance for us to enhance our acting skills, learn and understand Shakespeare plays and make brilliant friends along the way.”

Molly (member since 2021)

“I think the Festival is a great experience because it makes us project our voices and learn how to be in an open space. I performed last summer in The Comedy of Errors and it gave me a chance to experience something new and challenging. I am really looking forward to performing a complete contrast with Shakespeare’s Macbeth.”

Ciara (member since 2019)

“The first time I performed in the open air with Everyman, I was ecstatic to be part of the ensemble production of Henry V at Insole Court and Tredegar House, where we performed for the Welsh Minister. I have developed my vocal skills and enjoyed working together as a team. It makes me happy to perform and have fun.”

Mariana (member since 2022)

“This year is my first time participating in the Festival, and the lead-up has been amazing: being around such a helpful and friendly cast just lightens up the experience. I am looking forward to developing my technical theatre skills operating sound for the production.”

Kayleigh (member since 2019)

“The Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival every year is a great opportunity for us to develop different skills in different environments for us to work in. I am particularly looking forward to developing my knowledge and skills rehearsing Macbeth. As a person who struggles with clarity and diction the Festival helps me to work on those skills.”

Freya (member since 2017)

“The Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival is an experience I will never forget. My first experience was playing Gloucester in King Lear, and since then I have portrayed Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Antonio in The Tempest and Emilia in The Comedy of Errors. The immersive atmosphere provides a space for us actors to grow as performers and humans in a safe and supportive environment. The opportunity to perform in amazing productions has ensured my confidence has grown, and has developed my acting skills whilst making me appreciate the importance of team-work.”

Gracie (member since 2023)

“This will be my first time performing in the Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival. I am very excited for the opportunity to perform outdoors, which will be completely new atmosphere for me. I’ve really enjoyed the fun and supportive environment in rehearsals, which have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become more confident onstage.”

Harvey (member since 2017)

“Everyman Youth Theatre has been a brilliant experience which has enabled me to greatly improve my acting skills as well as meet like-minded people who have become close friends of mine. The direction is always of good quality and I have had the opportunity to be a part of many plays: Theatre for One, The Comedy Capers, Superglue at the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre in London last year, and many Shakespeare plays. All of these experiences I have thoroughly enjoyed.”

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