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Director: Sarah Bawler
Stage Manager: M Chavez-Smith
Lighting: Jay Davis
Sound: Ceridwen Oldridge
Chaperone: Juli Paschalis

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The Ruling House of Verona

The Prince
Amelie Osborn

Iwan Fox

Seb Rex

The House of Capulet

Alfie Williams

Lady Capulet
Olive Burns

Gracie Booth (Sunday 7 July)
Lauren Price (Sunday 21 July)

Reuben Turpy

Chloe Hanbury
Alison Jones
Molly Underwood

Peter / Sampson
Max Hughes

Daisy Shewan

The House of Montague

Verity Russell

Lady Montague
Eve Carter

Sidney Evans

Omer Man

Sofia Aldridge

Daisy Cobb


Friar Laurence
Finn Rex with
Zayn Clarke
Luke Jones

Sister John
Avennah Morgan

Verity Russell

Eve Carter
Max Hughes
Seb Rex

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About the Director

Sarah Bawler, Youth Theatre Director

Sarah loves the experience of working creatively and collaboratively with a wide range of people from all over South Wales. This will be her 35th year with Everyman.

Sarah Bawler trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (at the time, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) and has been involved with Everyman for many years as an actor and director, as well as coordinating, leading and directing the Youth Theatre, and teaches drama professionally.

Her recent appearances as an actor with Everyman include Dogberry (Much Ado About Nothing, Festival 2019), Mrs Betterton (Playhouse Creatures, 2019), Margaret (Richard III, Festival 2021), Toby Belch (Twelfth Night, Festival 2022) and Bottom (A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

As Youth Theatre director, she led the Youth Theatre to new heights in summer 2022 when they were selected from 260 youth companies to close the National Theatre’s Connections Festival with their performance of the specially-written Superglue by Tim Crouch at the National Theatre in London.

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Everyman Youth Theatre

Everyman Youth Theatre rehearses and performs all year round, with Christmas shows, comedy nights, and more, culminating each year in their Shakespeare production which opens at the Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival before touring to the Willow Globe near Llandrindod. The young people of Everyman Youth Theatre are challenged to self-lead, to develop critical thinking and performance skills, and to work collaboratively as a unit, achieving their distinctive high-energy ensemble production feel.

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