Operations and Production Manager: Gareth Rodgers
Technical Manager: Gareth Rodgers
Deputy Technical Manager: Joe Fletcher
Lighting Design: Gareth Rodgers, Joe Fletcher
Sound Engineers: Rhys Plaister, Gareth Swindail-Parry, Chris Thomas, Ben Gamble

Set Designer: Tegan Reg James

Lead Scenic Artist: Wren Ricketts
Construction Manager: Gareth Jones

Special thanks to:
Amy Howarth
Lottie Jones
Ella Routledge
Diana Altmeyer
Bryan James

Costume Designer: Erica Groves
Wardrobe Supervisor: Tierney Dore
Wardrobe Assistants: Victoria Drave, Kate Jones-Davies, Lucile Russing, Annie Picton, Emily Prance
Dressers: Kate Jones-Davies, Lucile Russing, Annie Picton, Emily Prace

Head of Hair & Makeup: Phoebe Warburton-Portt
Makeup Assistants: Libby Macklin-Broad, Katie Woodberry

Everyman Board
Chair: Toby Harris
Vice Chair: Paul Williams
Secretary: Sue Osmolska
Treasurer: Ed Hayes
Quality Assurance Coordinator: Megan Sawyer
Membership: Kate Stanbury
Playhouse Marketing Lead: Tyler Curle
Playhouse Coordinator: Russell Davies
Volunteers and Community Coordinator: Fiona Gibson
Clubnights Coordinator: Barry Slack
Youth Group Coordinator: Catherine Roberts
Ordinary Member: Sarah Day

Festival Working Group
Festival Chair: Paul Williams
Toby Harris
Sue Osmolska
Ed Hayes
Keith Stanbury
Tyler Curle
Fiona Gibson
Sarah Day
Gareth Rodgers

Press & Publicity: AMD Communications
Graphic Design: Tim Haughton
Production Photography: Cressida Ford
Rehearsal Photography & Videography: Laurence Clarke, Jess Courtney, Cressida Ford, Simon West, members of the company
Social Media Lead: Millie Belding
Social Media Support: Tyler Curle, Cressida Ford, Simon H West
Programme: Cressida Ford
Mailing Support and Box Office Liaison: Amy Brooks
Additional Marketing & Press Support: Paul Fanning

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