Cast Announcements

We are delighted to announce the cast of our three flagship productions, Spamalot, The Vicar of Dibley and Macbeth.

Take a look at some of the people who will be entertaining us this year…


King Arthur – Brian Smith

Patsy – Paul Williams

Lady of the Lake – Laura Phillips

Sir Galahad – Lewis Cook

Sir Lancelot – Matt Preece

Sir Robin – Dan Collier-Roberts

Sir Bedevere – Dafydd Weeks

Knights of the Round Table, Laker Girls and other roles played by:

Sarah Bawler, Alex Brent, Sarah Chew, Giacci Crothers, Millie Davies, Tom Dyer, Maisie Hinds, Ellie Hoare, Paige Hodgson, Matt Hole, Beth Jagger, Dan Ivor Jones, Hayley Toms, Gareth Thomas, Richard Thomas, Kelsey Thompson, Eleanor Thompson.


Geraldine Granger – Fiona Porter-Smith

David Horton – Dafydd Cadog

Frank Pickle – Peter Harding-Roberts

Alice Tinker – Sophie Lewis

Hugo Horton – Edward Kettle

Jim trott – Wayne Vincent

Letitia Cropley – Bella Kemble

Owen Newitt – Stephen Lurvey

Woman – Josephine Partridge


Macbeth – Steve Smith

Lady Macbeth – Beshlie Thorp

Duncan – Toby Harris

Malcolm – Christopher Williams

Banquo – James Pritchard

Macduff – David O’Rourke

Weyard Sisters – Rebecca Baines, Lorna Prichard, Victoria Walters

Ross – Helen Randall

Lennox – Elin Haf Edwards

Angus – Jon Barnes

Donalbain – Charlie Morgan

Lady Macduff – Sarah Green

Menteith – Ben Barnard

Bodyguard/murderer – Arsham Ghomi

Bodyguard/Caithness – Thomas Easton

Fleance – Meghan Smith

Macbeths’ Personal Assistant – Pamela Wiener

Seyton – Shaun Bryan

Siward – Tom Seymour